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Jun 23 2011

Induction: Day 2!

Wow! It has been an unbelievable three days. Yesterday was the first full day of inductions. It was a really long day, 8am sharp until after dinner, almost 9:30 at night, solid sessions, discussions and community support dinners. The student panel was really inspirational, it was awesome to see these middle school kids who were thinking about college and making big plans about their future.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted, I passed out as soon as I got back to the suites we were staying in. Today was a less exhuasting, but just as inspiring day. Today was all about the different responsibilities that we have as corps members, Americorps, professionalism, etc. The best part was the Fall River meeting. It was the first time that all the South Coast cohort got to get together before our day out tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a great day :) I’m on my way to an alumni dinner in Swampscott, to watch Waiting for Superman, which I’m really excited about :)

This is exhausting, but so inspiring, I can’t believe it!

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