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Aug 28 2012

A New Year

So I spent multiple times this summer telling myself I was going to update this blog. Then I went to sleep or to the beach. The summer was really relaxing, but really short! School started last week and I have been going non-stop ever since.
I am really excited for this year, I have some great ideas for really helping all my kids from last year improve. The problem is my caseload is literally growing by the day. New students keep coming into the school and for some reason, every single one of them is on an ed plan, and the majority of them are significantly behind. I feel like I finally had a good handle on the year, and now that the year has actually started, I feel like I am back to just barely above water as I try to juggle everything.
I am worried about how this…

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May 31 2012

Doing Something Right

Something has finally clicked. There are 16 days left in the school year, and I finally feel like something is going the way it should. Two examples:   My second graders take the ANET tests. These are standardized assessments created by Achievement Network that test Common Core Standards. My kids take the literacy ANET 4…

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Mar 06 2012


What does 20% mean? Lets think about it. 20% chance of rain? Nah, I don’t need my umbrella. 20% on a test? Unacceptable. 20% chance of snow? I’ll have school tomorrow. 20% chance of getting my 4 year old into a top rated school in a low rated city? Never going to happen. 25 spots…

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Feb 20 2012


I finally hit that slump. Everyone talked about the winter blues, and how you hit your slump. I wasn’t sure if I believed that, since while I was clearly slipping a little, by January there was still no real slump. Then February came, and hello slump!! I was feeling overwhelmed at work, my personal life…

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Feb 11 2012

A Reflection at Mid Year

Well, we are officially into the third quarter at school and I have been reflecting a lot on my own practices, especially after progress reports and my mid-year evaluation from Rolandria. Promotion In Doubt letters went out, Letters of Intent went out to teachers, and the end of the year is in sight. Its scary…

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Jan 22 2012

Happy New Year, Happy New Investment

So 2012, here we are. My scholars are as cute as always, but are they succeeding? Are they growing? In reading they most certainly are. My IEP kids are averaging .73 years of reading growth and we haven’t finished the second quarter yet. Am I proud of them? You bet I am. But is it…

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Sep 25 2011

I am a Soul of the Sea

So I have been REALLY bad about keeping this updated these last 5 weeks…Honestly, I have little to no time to do this…but in reality…I need to put down the last 5 weeks of school in writing to make it all real. School has started, school has been in school for 5 weeks, week 6…

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Aug 13 2011

Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!

This last week has been SO overwhelming and SO amazing. Monday and Friday were spent at Alma, meeting the most fabulous co-workers I could ever ask for. There are 2 lead teachers per grade, 2 kindergarten associate teachers, 1 first, 1 second grade associate, a paraprofessional, a gym, music and art teacher, Rolandria the principal,…

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Jul 29 2011

If Not Us, Who?

If not us, who? If not now, when? ~JFK~ This morning’s bus quote really put things into perspective for me. Today really and truly is the end of institute, but by no means is today the end of what I’ve learned. There have been a lot of ups and downs this past 5 weeks, but…

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Jul 29 2011

Last Day

Well this is it. 5 weeks, 10 kids, 16 hour days and we are finally here. The last day of Institute is upon me and I couldn’t have more mixed feelings. I am THRILLED to be going home and getting to sleep past 5am. Leaving my CMA group, and my collab is going to be…

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